Ohgetsu Fujita

When I was small, I really liked creating activities such as writing letter and drawing picture. Based on this background, when I was in elementary school (1988), I joined a calligraphy class which was held in neighborhood. Then I was really into calligraphy. As the creating time for calligraphy is relatively short, it seemed to fit me.

After that I continued learning calligraphy for about 10 years, then in 1998 I met a new calligraphy master and entered “Zen-ei-sho” world.

What is Zen-ei-sho?
We can consider that letter is composed of following 2 factors.
Then Zen-ei-sho is a style which removes factor (1) Symbol, and focuses on beauty of factor (2) Graphic.

As by then I had only experienced ordinary calligraphy, at first I felt Zen-ei-sho was too unique, and because of the uniqueness I even considered to quit it. But through some works, gradually I started to feel it’s very creative, and finally got into the Zen-ei-sho world. Zen-ei-sho world was kind of new frontier for me.

After the experience of Zen-ei-sho, in 2014 I started to use emoji and emotion-icon for calligraphy activities. It’s because I feel big potential for emoji and emotion-icon, as it has various expression way which normal letter does not have. Now I’m creating emoji and emotion-icon calligraphy works with using various technique which I mastered through ordinary & Zen-ei-sho calligraphy. I’ll be very happy if you enjoy my works.

I had hold private exhibition for 2 times:
In 2016: At Omote-sando, Tokyo
In 2017: At Azabu-juban, Tokyo
Through those exhibitions, I felt further potential which emotion-icon conceal. And to seek more about such potential, this summer I’m going to hold 3rd private exhibition in London.

In London I’ll hold an exhibition in a gyrally at East-London and have a plan of a live session with Jazz music. Also, I’m considering some other small events. (Besides those activities, I’d like to visit English PUB and try lots beer!)

藤田 櫻月

そういった背景、および小学生の時(1988年頃)に友人に誘われたことが切っ掛けで、近所の教室で「習字」をはじめました。絵と比較して作成時間が短く、結果がすぐに分かる習字は自分のせっかちな性格と合ったようで、その後 習字にのめり込むようになりました。

それ以来 書道をしばらく続けていたのですが、その後 1998年に出会った師匠との縁で、偶然「前衛書」の世界に足を踏み込むことになりました。

(1)記号 (文字性)
(2)画面 (非文字性)
前衛書は上記のうち(1)記号としての役割を排除し、(2) 画面 の美を追求していく分野です。


そういった前衛書の経験を経た後、2014年からは絵文字・顔文字を使った作品を書き始めました。絵文字・顔文字は活字にはない多彩な表現が可能です。それに加えて「書」で培った考え方や技法を生かし、楽しく制作をしています。この絵文字・顔文字を使った作品で、何かを感じてもらえる独自の世界を広げていければと活動しています(^ ^)/☆(笑顔になって下さったら、最高です!!)

この 絵文字・顔文字を使った作品についてですが、過去2回、個展を開催しております。
2016年春: 表参道
2017年春: 麻布十番
上記個展会期中には、絵文字・顔文字が秘めたさらなる可能性を感じました。そういった可能性をさらに探るべく、3回目の個展は 初の国外として、2018年夏 ロンドンで個展開催することになりました。




・Everyday calligraphy exhibition Prize
・Keisei calligraphy exhibition Prize
・Everyday calligraphy exhibition

・Continuous selection(1998~)
・Keisei calligraphy exhibition

・Continuous selection(2000~)

・Shinbi sha(1999,2001,2003) in Yokohama
・Two people exhibition in Ginza Tokyo(2007)

【Solo exhibition】

・Smile shape in Omotesando Tokyo(2016)
・Toy box in Azabujuban Tokyo(2017)

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Machida City Tsurukawa Fourth Elementary School

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